We believe that only together we can create a balanced society, otherwise people will drift apart. Welcome is an organization built by a young, energetic, and colourful team. United by their beliefs they created the Welcome App. This simple and dynamic tool activates locals and newcomers to connect and engage socially and professionally, both online and offline.

No Negativity. No Prejudice. No Nonsense.

Are you in?

Welcome NL

Welcome was founded in 2015 as an originally Swedish organization. The Dutch foundation ‘Blendin’ and the Swedish Welcome became acquainted in the summer of 2018 and identified an opportunity to collaborate. That is the reason that in the fall of 2018 Blendin transitioned into Welcome NL. Welcome is an international movement, and is active in Sweden, Norway and The Netherlands. In the latter it is now the fastest growing community of newcomers and locals. We want to offer everybody – newcomers, Dutch citizens and enterprises – the opportunity to contribute to integration!


Founder and Director Stichting Blendin


Finance Director Stichting Blendin


Kourosh - Welcome app NL

Events Manager/Co-Founder

DoneerJeNetwerk Stichting Blendin

Project Officer

Operations Manager 

Moustafa - Welcome NL


Community Manager


Research Intern

Mikael developer welcome


Senior Developer

Foto Wouter website



Supervisory Board

John Brouwer Raad van Toezicht Stichting Blendin

Of Counsel Allen & Overy

Wouter Nientker Raad van Toezicht Stichting Blendin

Founder Human Aid in Greece

Jan Petit Raad van Toezicht Stichting Blendin

Founder Profonte

Advisory Board

Anja Montijn Groenewoud Raad van Advies Stichting Blendin

Non Exec. Director OCI NV

Hayde van der Kooij Raad van Advies Stichting Blendin

Maatschappelijke Alliantie

Ewoud Goudswaard Raad van Advies Stichting Blendin

Lid RvC Eneco Groep

Hanneke Verburg Raad van Advies Stichting Blendin

CEO Make-A-Wish Nederland