Activate your activities in our community!

Integration is a two-way street! That requires a platform on which these activities can be easily facilitated. Therefore Welcome app launched a web app for organisations. You can now easily upload your range of activities to a Welcome community of 13,000+ members.

Three major advantages


A reach of 13,000+ members from the Welcome Community for your range of activities with over 1000 active monthly users.


Direct chat contact possible with newcomers & locals for last minute changes to your activity.


An up-to-date overview of all social providers within the web app, including contact options.

How it works?

This platform makes it easier for organisations to put all programs & activities in the Welcome app from behind their laptop and/or desktop, so that newcomers know where to find you. Of the 13,000+ members in our Welcome Community, more than 1,000 monthly newcomers are actively looking for new activities and programs on the Welcome app. If your organisation would like to apply directly and gain access to our community of newcomers and community organisations, please register via the following link.

If you can’t figure it out and want to be helped with creating your organisation profile, send an email to or subscribe for a webinar!


Create a profile for your organisation so that newcomers as well as other organisations can get to know you.


Keep everyone informed of your activities by putting them in our agenda via menu > events.


Give Welcome app as much information as possible about your activities. This way newcomers know what to expect and we have a good basis to promote your activities within our community.


Chat directly with newcomers who have signed up. Questions or need advice? You can also find Welcome in the chat. We are here for you!

“We have already posted events on Welcome several times. Newcomers responded with such enthusiasm to this and we in turn learn from their stories.”

– Municipality of Amsterdam

Are you interested?

You need more information and would you like to be shown around the web app? Please contact or subscribe for a webinar!


Do you have a question that can’t wait. Please feel free to contact us. We can be reached via live chat, email or whatsapp: +31 6 42 28 06 82