For locals

Together we make sure newcomers feel right at home in the Netherlands 

To help newcomers start their new lives, we make networks, events, and information accessible through the Welcome app. We can’t do it without you; we really need the help of local people and organisations. 

Are you doing something for newcomers, and are you looking to reach more people? Or would you like to get in touch with newcomers, but don’t know how? Our app will help!



Download the app and sign up.


Tap the button and create an event or chat with newcomers by answering a question.


Make contact and organise an event. That’s how we welcome the newly Dutch together.


Every individual local

For all locals looking to get in touch with newcomers as individuals. Make personal digital contact with a newcomer through the Welcome app platform or join in with one of the events!


Organisations and foundations aimed at integration

For organisations that are already working with newcomers and are looking to expand their reach. Use the Welcome app platform to get more newcomers involved!


All groups, associations, clubs and initiatives

For all groups, associations, clubs, and initiatives in the Netherlands that want to contribute to integration and welcome newcomers. Think of local football clubs, student associations or book clubs. Invite newcomers to join in!

How to place an event?

Open the app and select “create event”.

Add a title, a description of the event, an image, and the time and place. Save your event, and after approval by the community managers, your event will become visible to the selected audience.

Events are easy to edit. You simply select “Edit event info”. You get a notification when there’s a sign-up, so you can get in touch with your participants right away.

Make a difference and join us!

Download the app in the AppStore or Google Play Store. Create a profile, publish your event, and start chatting!

Do you have an idea for a great collaboration? We’re always open to suggestions! 

Various companies and organisations are already taking part, leading to heart-warming and beautiful encounters.

‘We’ve published several events using the Welcome app. We received such enthusiastic responses from newcomers, and we, in turn, are learning from their stories.’

– Municipality of Amsterdam

Would you like to get in touch with us? The door is always open for you!

+31 6 53 79 06 14

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1062 HE, Amsterdam

Chamber of commerce number: 66011310
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Welcome app Nederland Foundation
Chamber of commerce number:
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Download the free app

Both newcomers and locals can download the free app. Create a profile and easily get in touch with each other.

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