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The welcome app enables you to easily connect to people with different backgrounds. It can be as simple as inviting someone for lunch at your place of work, or during weekends in your own free time. One simple lunch generates an enormous amount of positive impact.

Welcome App - lunch functie
Welcome App - doneer je netwerk

Donate your network

Often people find a job through their professional network. If the Netherlands is new to you, building a network can be difficult. This is why you can access the network of someone who already has a professional network via Welcome App. If you already have a professional network, then you can be the one by simply donating your network!

Asking- and answering questions

Newcomers will initially have a lot of questions that they would love an answer to. The Welcome app makes it possible for newcomers to ask these questions. Locals can then answer them and in doing so contribute to a newcomer’s life.

Welcome App - vragen functie
Welcome App - evenement functie

Events & activities

Through the Welcome app you can attend inspiring events and activities together with others. Every user has the option to host their own event or activity and post it to the overview in the Welcome app.

Companies for integration

The Welcome app provides companies with an easy tool to engage their employees in a good cause, and at the same time track and provide insight into the impact they are making. Additionally Welcome, being a fast growing platform, offers the unique opportunity of connecting with newcomers, discovering their unused talents, and recruiting them into your organization.

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